Nature Poems
by Harvey J. Gardner

Harvey Gardner Harvery Gardner was a camper in 1943 and 1946.
Winner: Ahaha Nature Contest 1998
(All poems are reproduced with permission of the poet.)
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Vivid yellow walls of forsythias
Waltzing pairs of forsythias
Sunny school busses of forsythias
Busily nodding fronds of forsythias
Flames and fields of forsythias
Mushrooming bouquets of forsythias
Spikes and spears of forsythias
Woodlands strewn with forsythias
Blazing star bursts of forsythias
Spunky fingers and toes of forsythias
Crazy hair-do's of forsythias
Solar flares of forsythias
Sculpted and squelched forsythias
Pint-sized, neglected forsythias
Roadsides arrayed with forsythias
Fences festooned with forsythias
Volcanic eruptions of forsythias
Rocket trails of forsythias
Hedges and soldiers of forsythias
Tracers and zingers of forsythias
Brilliant, cheering, beaming,
Radiant, promising, gleaming,
Lighthearted, dazzling, glorious,
Hopeful, vivacious, riotous,
Generous yellow forsythias. 

--April 24, 2001



(Dedicated to Stan Yalof) 

So still it sits inadequately potted perched in soil
so pitifully parched but silently secure it rests
inside its skin so thin but spiked with thorns
its wish to be untouched so little like my wish
but few resist the opportunity to touch one spike
despite the ouch a piece falls off and lying there
it senses soil and sprouts a whole new plant
remarkable its bloom a mystery to me
but those who know can dazzle with a virtuoso's skill
enchanting eyes which see the softly sensual
blossom beauty springing from
the prickly womb the incongruity
a marvelously moving source of wonder. 

-- April 8, 1996

(All poems and photos on this page © Harvey Gardner: All rights reserved.) 

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