Photo Gallery 1900 to 1935

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June 1900. Volunteers from the Lenox Hill Settlement House take a group of boys on an outing to Van Cortland Park.
At the far left is (we think) Birdie Kallman. According to Joe Gerver, "there is nothing on the photo that identifies Miss Kallman. Here is why I believe it is she. I showed the photo to my mother, Joan Menkin Gerver, and asked her if she knew who was in it. She said that she had never seen it before, but she pointed to the woman at the far left and asked, 'Could that be a very young Birdie Kallman? What do you think?' I didn't really have an opinion on the matter, because I knew Birdie when she was 82, and I couldn't see any resemblance. But after looking at the photo of the young Birdie posted on her web page, I see a very strong resemblance. Also, when I found the 1900 photo, in Rose Mayor's cellar, it was in an envelope with a clipping, apparently from the Hunter College alumni magazine, announcing a 'Bundles for Britain Day' on Thursday, June 19th.
The announcement was submitted by 'B. Elizabeth Kallman, Chairman, Patriotic Service Committee'."

1933 and 1935 

August 1935 (below) Bill Hanzalek (middle row, left), Fred Hanzalek (middle row third from left), Camp Cook (top row, third from left)

(above)Swimming (1933)
(below)Truck taking campers to camp.(1935)

Fred and Bill Hanzalek by their tent.(Click on the photo to enlarge)


Stan Wirt and Fred Hanzalek

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