Photo Gallery 1936 to 1938

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Campers singing at Sunset Rock. August 1936. Click on photo for enlargement.
Far left, with hat: camp director Birdie Kallman.
Leftmost in back row, with hairband, partly hidden: Louise.
Center, turned toward the left: Irma Sobelman.
Directly behind Irma, with kerchief, partly hidden: Violet Grubin.
Behind Irma and to the right, with short hair and a white blouse with a collar, is the athletics counselor.
Behind and to the right of the athletics counselor is Betty, an aide.
Third from the right in back, with a cloak draped over her shoulder, is Anita Solomon. Rightmost in the front row is Jean Bush.

August 1936. Click on the picture to see an enlargement.
Campers assemble at the Copake Falls station (later reincarnated as the Depot Deli) and wait for the train to take them back to the city.
To the left and slightly above the lower pennant, frowning: Nina Scilis?
To the left and slightly below the upper pennant: Irma Sobelman.
Above and slightly to the right of the upper pennant, partly hidden: Violet Grubin.

Betty Greenbaum? (left)
and Jean Walsh (right).

Jean Bush (now Jean Galeski)

Irma Sobelman, August 1936


Three counselors performing
a scene from "The Mikado".(1937)

Aides Bill Hanzalek (left) and Anton Saravec (right) in 1937.

Staff (1937)

Campers doing a scene from "Pinafore".
"Buttercup", second from right, is Robert Schwartz.
On the left are counselors Jerry Metzner (in captain's hat)
and Abe Penzer.
Click on this picture to see an enlargement.

August 1937 - Mr. Metzger (left), Bill Hanzalek (top row, 2nd from right), Elliot Miller (top row third from right), Stanley Wirt (smiling, kneeling at far right of the second row).


Back row (left to right): Mickey, Roberta ("Bert") Quinn, Anita Solomon, Frances Ericson, Florence, Ginger, Bernice "Bunny" Mendelson.
Middle row: Jean Bush, Martha Laky, Corky.
Front row: Helen, Joan Menkin, Tammy, Eleanor, Shirley.
Other August '38 campers, not in photo: Gloria, "Li'l' Bug", Rose Geoghan, "Dimples", and "Squeaky", unless the last two are nicknames for campers who are in the photo.
Click on this photo to see an enlargement.

Nature counselor Alma
Ericson (later Alma Moldenke).

Athletics counselor
Florence "Smitty" Smith

Parents observe on visitors' day while campers
perform a water wedding.

Agnes Wachter, "Li'l' Bug",
and Roberta "Bert" Quinn
in the vegetable garden.
(There was a 1938 camper
named Lillian Bosman. Perhaps
"Li'l' Bug" was her nickname.)

Rose Geoghan.

left to right: Amelia "Milly" Laky?, Joan
Menkin, athletics counselor Florence
"Smitty" Smith, Bernice "Bunny"
Mendelson, Rose Geoghan, Fernande.

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