Photo Gallery 1940

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July 1940
Eleanor Wedge and Frances Bandel, can you identify
yourselves and others in this photo?
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Group Photo: August 1940

Camper Florence Cinat and her
mother, the cook.

Aide Joan Menkin steps out
of a car in front of the main

Aide Rose Geoghan, athletics counselor
Claire Eason, and aide Joan Menkin
(now Joan Gerver)

Aide Rose Geoghan by
the pool

Nature counselor Alma
(later Alma Moldenke) at
Bash Bish Falls. She lived for
many years in Oregon,
where she died in 1997.
(Click on the image to

The washhouse, with Mt. Everett in the

Campers exercise

Acting out a melodrama.

A modern dance lesson.

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