2014 Summer - Northrop Welcomes
Newark Christian School, Newark, NJ

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Newark Christian School, Newark, NJ is part of World Impact that serves children in the inner cities. The school has been successful in taking students that are below level and bringing them up to and beyond grade level. This school stress personal moral responsibility in a Christian framework.

Northrop welcomes NCS to provide a "primitive" camping experience to foster appreciation of the natural world.

On August 11, 2014, 8 students, Shelley - leader, and two chaperones - Leslie and Megan, came to Northop. Hubert and Joe were there to do the nature programs with Millie helping.

Arrived on Monday

Everyone worked on setting up 3 large tents at Taconic State Park since Northrop is not yet ready to have campers overnight. Northrop is now the proud owner of 2 purchased big tents and 2 donated tents.

At Northrop

First meal from the campfire - hotdogs, fresh corn, and potatoes roasted in the fire. We still had some time for volley ball. The poles have not had a net for years but we just purchased a heavy duty net.


First a hearty breakfast we then hiked the upper Bash Bish Falls trail. Hubert talked about various plants along the way. At the falls we saw a cluster of leafy liverwort which are unusual primative plants related to mosses.

Back at Northrop we did some compass work, orienteering, and leaf study. Also we had time for some soccer and badminton.

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