Journey to exploring


I really had a lot of fun because at Northrop we got to play badminton, basketball,and soccer. We hit bright yellow birdies back and forth like you are playing tennis without a bouncing ball. When we played soccer we use the basketball court. we did not play in the usual way because when the ball went into the grass around the court we had to give the ball to the other team.


At Northrop we got to go to Bash Bish falls and learn about leaves and see the falls. We also got to hike and taste different leaves such as wintergreen and sour grass, and we got to explore the woods for firewood.


We got to cook on stoves and help make food for breakfast,lunch, and dinner.We even had to have pizza for dinner.We made our own sandwhiches because we were going to hike. We had to find wood for a fire because we got to make s'mores.


For the plants we got to learn about new ones such as the Eastern hemlock that has points like a needle, the sugar maple tha is big and the sap is used for sugar, and last we learned about ferns that have compound leaves.