Northrop fun

I like camp Northrop. I learned alot of things I never knew before thanks to Dr. Joe and the Lings. I learned things about nature and our guides. Mrs. Millie Ling and her husband have been traveling a lot. they've been to China. Dr. Joe likes looking at the stars. We all had good laughs together. We learned about nature and tasted different leaves. We took notes on the parts of leaves, different kinds of leaves, and their distinct shapes. We tasted birch learves and twigs on a hike. they were minty. One evening we watched the sun set between the trees. It made nature look beautful.

The trip was very fun. We played badminton,basketball, and soccer. We went out to eat plain and peperoni pizza one night for dinner. One day, we woke up early so we could eat breakfast and begin our journey. Thanks to the Lings and Dr. Joe, I want to coe again next summer.