Support us with a Donation

To make a donation, your check should be made out to “Alice Rich Northrop Memorial” and mailed to our treasurer, Vickie Donovan, at 22 Fairhaven Dr., East Longmeadow, MA 01028.  Vickie’s phone number is 413-525-6299.

We can also accept donations of securities.  If you have some stock that has accumulated capital gains, you can donate it directly to Northrop.  It will be worth more to us than to you, because we can sell it without paying any capital gains tax, as we are a non-profit.  To donate securities, please contact our broker, John Marchak, at Morgan Stanley.  John’s phone number is 212-883-8548.

Alice Rich Northrop Memorial, Inc. is a registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization.  Because donors do not normally receive any tangible goods or services in exchange for their contribution, the full amount of the donation should be deductible under federal tax law, in most cases.  (Consult a tax attorney if you have any questions about this.)  You will, of course, receive something very valuable but intangible in return for your donation:  the satisfaction of knowing that you have enabled inner city young people to get out into the country and learn about nature first hand, and have some of the same experiences that Northrop campers have enjoyed since 1923.

Alice Rich Northrop Memorial is a membership corporation, incorporated in New York State in 1925.  We are registered with the Charities Bureau, in the Office of the Attorney General of New York State.  Our financial records are available from the Charities Bureau.  You may also request a financial statement directly from us, for any year going back to 1997, by contacting Joseph Gerver at