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Highlights of 2015



Today we are a semi-primitive camp working on providing inner city boys and girls a nature experience.

In 2014 we were able to continue our relationship with Christodora which started before 2010. Read about how we started and our activities with Christodora. Also in 2014, for the first time, we were able to bring to Northrop some students from Newark Christian School that reaches out to boys and girls in the inner city of Newark, NJ.


Organizing to Move Forward -- -- Rebuilding

On January 11, 1998, Northrop held its first annual membership meeting in several years.  About 20 people showed up, and 5 of them agreed to join the board. In the summer of 1998, Northrop started holding annual picnics at camp.  There was a big turnout, both former campers and townspeople.  These, as well as the annual meetings, served as a way to get people involved.  Some people came to these events for a few years, and then joined the board. 

In 2001, Northrop operated a program for middle school kids in NYC, called Northrop Naturalists.  It ran in NYC rather than at Northrop. We had several sessions led by board members.

Also in 2001: two campers from the 1950’s, Eric Weinstein and Michael Malamy, joined the board.  They had much energy and enthusiasm and had some achievable goals.  Under Michael’s leadership, and in consultation with Richard Hird, we came up with a plan to rebuild in stages.  After the first stage, we would hold short primitive camping sessions, in tents, and we would then raise the money to gradually add new structures.  In 2002-2003, we carried out the first part of this plan.  Repairs and additions were made to the library, the only major structure to survive the fire. We put on a new roof, replaced some of the roof beams, demolished the badly cracked fireplace and chimney that had stood at the center of the room, and installed a sink in the library.  Also a bathroom was built. We restored our electricity and phone service, and we installed a new pump at the well so we could have running water.  All of this took a tremendous amount of work on the part of the board – meeting with Hird, meeting with various Mt. Washington officials to get the requisite permits, etc. – and Michael did most of it. 

After our first stage of repairs, our goal was to hold short primitive camping sessions, in tents, and meanwhile attempt to raise money to gradually add new structures. 

In 2010, we signed the Conservation Restriction with The Nature Conservancy. In December, we received the funds from TNC, a good start for an endowment.

In 2008. Dawn Chávez rejoined the board and under her leadership, we collaborated with Christodora, as a way to keep serving kids.  Read more on our relationship with Christodora which allowed NYC children again to experience nature at Northrop starting in 2010.

In 2014, Newark Christian School came for a few days. In this case, Northrop needed to purchase tents and sleeping pads. Also cooking equipment and other supplies were purchased. This would further the ability to have short primitive camping sessions in the future.

We are eagerly looking to build on what has already been started and to seek your support in time, energy, enthusiasm, or funds.

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