Photo Gallery - Northrop Naturalists - 2001

In 2001, Northrop briefly operated a program for middle school kids in NYC, called Northrop Naturalists.  We had two sessions in Central Park, one near the Museum of Natural History, and one around the Harlem Meer.  They were led by Rob Lieblein, a Northrop board member, and the kids came from a charter school in Harlem where Norval was teaching.  We also had a couple of classroom sessions, with Norval, Hubert, and Don Lewis, one of the holdovers from the pre-fire Northrop board. 

Session 1 in Central Park, June 

Chenaya examines a gingko tree.

Ija holds a gingko leaf and her tree identification guide.

Ija holds a gingko leaf and her tree identification guide.

Session 2 at Harlem Meer, devoted to birding  

James is in front.
It's a great egret and it's reflection!

Rob Lieblein looks through his bird guide as the Naturalists look at a large white long-necked bird wading in a stream (above). Latisha is in front.

Alexis holds the bird guide, while the Northrop Naturalists try to identify a water bird. Left to right: Ija, Rob, Ija's mom, Alexis, James (mostly hidden behing Alexis), Latisha, and Rosario. (The bird turned out to be a black crowned night heron.)  

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