Photo Gallery 1994-1999


Norval Soleyn '74 and Althea Grey McKenzie '79. Norval was an aide when Althea was a camper,
and they had not seen each other since.

John Rothchild, a 1962 camper, as he appeared in 1997, the captain of a research vessel owned by the Shedd Aquarium.

Norval Soleyn '74 with his father, Reynaud Soleyn.

August 1999: Photos of Northrop picnic

Dawn Chavez

Joe Gerver, Susan Argutto, Lindsay Schaaf

Gary and Mary Cane

Judy Lukin

Nance (Recknagel) Crow (on right) with cousin

Astrid Hanzalek

Lenny Dick

Enilda Lozada

Michael and Frances Malamy

Stephen Spielvogel

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