Photo Gallery 2000-2001


A visit to camp in May 2000. Left to right: Dawn Chavez '87, Joe Gerver '62 with son Daniel, Santiago Bravo '80, Chuck Loscalzo (son of Joan Musticchio Loscalzo '44), Hugo Bravo '80, and Rob Lieblein..

August 2000 at camp. Left to right: Lenny Dick '60, Kathleen Ney Brunner (a Mt. Washington neighbor), Zelda Sondack Ackerman '26, Norval Soleyn '74, Susan Argutto '61, Joe Gerver '62, and daughter Rachel Gerver.

Peggy Hanzalek (wife of Bill '33), Rachel Gerver, Fred Hanzalek '35.

Russell Ford '78 and Susan Argutto '61.

Eric Weinberg '54 (left) and Joe Gerver '62.

Ivan Myjer '70 with son Adam, May 2000.

Cynthia Jackson Fisher at Bash Bish Falls, August 2000.


Fred Hanzalek '35, '37 and Board Member Dawn Chavez '87 (aide '89, '90) at a site visit to the Manice Education Center, Florida, Mass. on 6/1/01. Dawn directs this program of Christodora, Inc.

Bill Hanzalek, Camper Aug 1933, Aug 1935, counselor aide Aug 1937.
There are more photos of Bill on those photo pages.
1) 5/16/01: "This photo was taken at Camp Sharparoon run by the NYC Mission Society. After learning about gardening at Northrop in '33, '35 'and '37, the only summer job I could get in '39 was as Gardening Counselor at Sharparoon. My pay was room and board for the summer plus a $10 bonus with which I bought the slide rule I needed for my second year at Cooper Union." --Bill
2) 3/21/01: Celebrating 80th birthday on 3/27/01