Northrop and Christodora 2012 

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In June 2012, a large group arrived at camp from Christodora, including many Summer Ecology Program (SEP) students from the previous two years.  Five Northrop board members, left to right, Jerry Stein, Cynthia Fisher, Hubert Ling, Joe Gerver, and Veronica Adamson also came.

The students helped us go through boxes of books, which had been stored in the shed when repair work was done on the library a few years earlier. Some of these boxes contained mouse nests, but only a few of the books had been chewed up. Afterwards, some of the students found books to read, while others played football, basketball, or soccer.

Hubert gave a nature lesson.

After lunch , the group hiked along the Northrop trail through the woods to Bashbish Falls. No one on the board had remembered exactly where the trail was, but David Whitbeck, our groundskeeper, marked it for us.

Back at camp, the clouds had cleared, and we looked at sunspots through Joe’s telescope. The day ended with dinner cooked over a campfire. 

The following month, the Summer Ecology Program was again held for two weeks at Great Mountain Forest, thanks to our financial support, but with a one day trip to Northrop.  Although no human being has swum in the Northrop pool since 1993, the pool still holds water, and is home for plenty of frogs.

One girl, who at the beginning of the program seemed more interested in fashion than nature, soon discovered that she had a real talent for catching frogs, much to her delight!  She also had a great talent for spotting the orange ribbons that Dave Whitbeck had used to mark the trail, when we hiked to Bashbish that afternoon, and she ended up leading the pack, way ahead of the counselors.

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