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1972 July 

A group photo from July 1972. Nature counselor Ellis Squires is at the far right. Facing him,partly hidden, is David Castro-Blanco. Standing, far left, is Gary James.

Campers with the chickens,

Left to right: Susanna Tuitt, Ellis Squires, Jaime
Velasco (partly hidden), Richard Rosenberg,
Catherine Carlson, Mary Yung.

Director Louise Lane and Campers

Left (standing): James Fox, center (bent over): David Castro-Blanco

1972 August 

Nature counselor Ellis Squires makes a point.

The basketball court.


Nature counselor Leslie Cancilla keeps an eye on a camper who is getting to know a snake.

Group photo from July 1977 
Back row: Leslie Cancilla, Paulette Battista, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, Realie Parks?, Michael Robinson.
Middle row: Larraine Bromme, Candy Lili McEachin, Michele Leal, ???, Olivia Bumgardner, ???, ???, Kate So?, ???, ???.
Front row: Matt Bromme, ???, Julie Miele?, ???, ???, ???, Estelle Comboni, Marcel Wooley.
Matt and Larraine were co-directors, Leslie Cancilla was the nature counselor, Michael and Marcel were aides, and Estelle, now an airline flight attendent living in Brooklyn and the source of this information, was also an aide.

Camp director Matt Bromme leads some girls on a hike.

Matt Bromme (right) with aide Michael Robinson.

July 1977, Bashbish Falls.
Left to right: Olivia Bumgardner, Paulette Battista,
Kate So.


Left to right: Anne Lise Puoti, Alice Wagner,
Nancy Yee, Eve Chin

Campers find out what lives in a creek.

Lee Ann Thompson

Ophelia Bumgardner

Jeanette Barbalescu

Leslie Cancilla (counselor)

Unidentified young lady and
Denise Carbonaro.

 Nancy Yee

Heidi Crawford

May Eng

Can you identify this young lady?

Can you identify this young lady?

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