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1950 - Top back row from the left: Sophie Jensen, Frances Pokorny, Gerard Resner, Stanley Jacobson, ... On the next row down, Michael Malamy is second from the left. Other names on the back of the photo are Thomas Mia (?), Gus Benjenberg, Charles Braun, Age Hurwitz, Richard Linzer, Donald Briggs, Marty Jacobson, and Joseph Shapiro (?)

Does anyone recognize these girls? We think this photo was taken in the 1950's.

Both photos below were printed on paper which is shiny on BOTH sides, and on the back of each are stamped the words, "Kodachrome Print, patent # such and such by Eastman Kodak, 1951." The pool is the old pool, with the sloping sides, which was filled in when the new pool was built in 1960 or so.

That means the pool photo,
and presumably the other
one too, was taken
sometime in the 1950's,
which makes these
the oldest color photos
we have of camp.

Standing, left to right: Elaine, Vesta, Miss Pete (Grace Petersen), Sheila Kawer, Nancy, Cookie, Kathy, Frances, Stephanie Yager, Tillie, Barbara Merrow (Perrow?), Vee, Chickie, Joann, Lucy seated, left to right: Marion, Eddie, Margaret (Margit?), Mary, Arlene Holzapfel, Lorraine

1953 - Skit: Immigrants see the Statue of Liberty as they sail
into New York harbor.

       1957 August: Judy Lukin is on the right.

Camp 1954: Back row, center: Michael Malamy. Back row, far right: athletics counselor Nansen Liu. Front row, from left: John Buckner, Bruce Gordon.


"Doc Pete" (center), Mrs. Foster (left)
and Aide at Bash Bish

Shucking peas on the back porch
(???), (???), (???), Counselor Bob Ganz,
Gus Hercules


Counselor Bob Ganz and Aide Bob

Studying optical illusions
on Tent Lane



Olga Starr (later, maybe still, Olga Strandnes) presents her nature project.
August 1959

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