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Campers lounging on the lawn.
Is that Lanny Hecker, second from right, massaging Aide Steve Simon's sore neck?
Background: (left: original farm house; right: "rec" hall)

July 1962 

Milo Peck introduces his friend to the campers.
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Robert Coffman at Bashbish Falls, July 1962.
Bert is now a psychologist in New York City,
and an advocate for those who are both gay
and mentally ill, a group that he feels often
falls between the cracks of society's support

August 1962 

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Left to right: Joe Gerver (standing). (At least he thinks it is. It could be his twin brother Mike.) Bob Zaslow (partly hidden, nature counselor), Hector DeLaConcha, Sam Meyerowitz (standing, back to camera), ??? (standing), John Rothchild, Klaus Stoscheck, Billy Haarman(?), Lenny Dick (standing), Steve Pfeffer?, Kenny Irvis, Yen Chin, Ben Welch (standing), Michael Capece?, Jerry Krasnoff?, Alberto Sanz, Leo Coleman, Jack Levy. The boy on the far right, standing with his back to the camera, might be Mike Gerver (or it could be Joe).
What are these folks doing now?
Joe Gerver teaches math at the Camden campus of Rutgers.
John Rothchild lives in Miami and is the captain of a ship which sails all over the world collecting specimens for aquariums and doing underwater archaeology.
Klaus Stoscheck was assassinated by a rightwing death squad in 1980 in Guatemala, where he was teaching organic farming methods to the peasants.
Lenny Dick, our recording secretary, teaches math at the Ramaz School, a yeshiva in New York.
Kenny Irvis is an MD in Pittsburgh.
Yen Chin, our newsletter editor, lives in Seattle and describes himself as a bureaucrat.
Leo Coleman died in Vietnam in 1970.
Mike Gerver is a physicist who designs medical imaging systems for GE in Haifa.

Karl Ruden, husband of camp director Malli Ruden, with
aides Lanny Hecker and Ken Zaslow, August 1962. Today,
Lanny and Ken are both MD's living in the southwest,
Lanny in Phoenix and Ken, an opthalmologist, in San

Camper Jack Levy and aide Joanne "Dodo"
Christian, August 1962.

Aides Judy Solomon and Ken Zaslow, with nature
counselor Bob Zaslow (at right), August 1962.

Picnic Table: They are (clockwise, starting at
the left) Howard Guralnick (now a tennis pro),
Steven Pfeffer, Sam Meyerowitz,
Jerry Krasnoff, Jack Levy, and Billy group
Haarmann. (Joe Gerver, Mike Gerver, and Yen
Chin identified the people in this photo
and the big photo from the same month. Both
1962 photos, by the
way, were taken at the summit of Mt. Everett.)

July 1965 

In June 1965, several former campers, aides, and
counselors came up to camp to get things ready
for the new season. Shown are (left to right)
Nancy Recknagel (an aide in 1964, now known as
Nance Crow), standing in front of an unidentified
camper, John Rothchild '62, Susan Argutto '61,
standing in front of Sam Meyerowitz '62, and
Karen Recknagel (the 1963 nature counselor),
holding her dog Kaiser.

Former nature counselor Karen Recknagel (now Karen Chamberlain of Colorado), with former camper Lenny Dick (now a math teacher and Northrop board member) and Karen's dog Kaiser, at camp in June 1965.

Parents watch their daughters swim on visiting day.
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Joanne Blucher (now
Joanne Throne, a restaurant
owner in North Carolina)
performs at a variety show
in the rec hall, July 1965.

A variety show in the old rec hall. Marilyn Peoples(?) on right.
(Click on the photo to enlarge).

Two photos: Athletics counselor Gloria Groff,
by the pool with some of the campers, and with a raccoon.

July 1966 

According to Kim Do (in the blue turtleneck), "We sang 'Yellow Bird' and 'Who Will Buy This Wonderful Morning' (from Oliver!) next to the pool. I'm not sure who the others are. I have a sprained finger from catching a softball."

A chess game, Northrop style (camper Joseph Machac is on the left).
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At the end of the season in 1966, architect Walter Anicka stands with camp director Amalia "Mallie" Ruden, before ground is broken for the new building. Mr. Anicka's building served the camp for 27 years before it was destroyed by fire in 1993.

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